Origins and History

Strings Attached was formed in July of 1986. Dan Nieckarz, James Reily and Kevin Clark had worked together in various duo collaborations. The first trio session felt great, so they named the group on the spot and soon began playing for local clubs, weddings and corporate events.

In 1991, Smith Dobson hired the trio for a house gig at The Garden City, San Jose's happening jazz venue in those days. Strings Attached worked the opening set for the Sunday jazz series which featured during its long history such legendary performers as Bobby Hutcherson, Chet Baker, Bruce Foreman, Mundell Lowe, Stan Getz, Harold Land, Red Holloway, Tal Farlow, McCoy Tyner, and (insert more shameless name-dropping here). This weekly spot lasted five years. Unfortunately the music program at The Garden City was discontinued, marking the end of an era for South Bay jazz.

Since then, the trio has continued to work in and around the Bay Area. Check out the Listen page where you'll find recordings from the past along with brand new clips featuring James on the chromatic harmonica, the latest evolution of the Strings Attached sound.

Musical Direction

Strings Attached likes to explore overlapping harmonies, so they have plenty of nice fat polychords in their arrangements. The sound is warm with a wide musical and dynamic range.

Strings Attached has always enjoyed rearranging non-jazz selections, so you're likely to hear familiar tunes in unexpected forms - jazz standards blend seamlessly with classics by Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Steely Dan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and many others.